Student Petition to Continue Improvements to the William and Mary
Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedure

To be presented to the Board of Visitors, April 2016

The College of William and Mary’s mission rightly states that it is “proud of its role as the Alma Mater of generations of American patriots, leaders and public servants.” This tradition of excellence is not simply academic, but an extension of the model set by this school’s history, alumni, faculty, and the institution itself. 16(IX)3 is a student group that endeavors to continue this legacy of excellence.

We students of 16(IX)3 are deeply appreciative of the opportunities that this education has allowed us and we are impelled and compelled to pay this opportunity both back and forward. Back, to the institution itself, by providing it a platform to rise to its mission and be the national leader in answering the threat of sexual violence. Forward, to the students who will follow us down these brick pathways in the many years to come.

The College has already shown its commitment to providing effective and consistent survivor support—particularly in its recent changes to the Sexual Misconduct Policy—yet there is more we can do, and truly must do, to ensure the integrity of this institution’s learning, leadership, and legacy. This petition was drafted with ongoing input from President Reveley, the Dean of Students Office, the Office of Compliance and Equity, and the Office of Health and Wellness.

This is not protest. This is progress. Join us.

We petition the College for the following:

  1. University endorsement and use of Callisto reporting tool.

  2. Improved sexual violence education during Orientation and beyond.

  3. Case determinations will be made by a highly trained panel consisting of one faculty member, one counselor, and one administrator.

  4. Relevant vocabulary and minimum sanctions will be defined and codified.

  5. Mandatory expulsion policy for repeat violators of Sexual Misconduct Policy.

  6. Permanent dismissals will extend beyond graduation to limit the return to campus by alumni found responsible for sexual assault.

  7. Reinstatement of a Peer Advisor program to help students through the reporting and investigation process.

  8. Use of Clery Act email notification system extends to off-campus assaults involving a student.


We thank you for working with us to further affirm the mission of the College—both to honor our history and to pave the way for future generations.